Lesson Plan For Mr Williams 8X1 Monday 13th Sept 2010

Date: 13 September 2010 Grade: 8X1
Teacher Name: Mr Williams Subject: Mathematics
1. Topic

Multiplying and Dividing
2. Content-

Methods for multiplying and dividing(including Integers and Decimals)
3. Goals: Aims/Outcomes-

1.Improve Numeracy
2.Review methods for working with numbers
3.Ensure skill in working with integers
4. Objectives-

1. Students will complete at least 3 sets of arithmetic calculations
2.Students will revise decimal multiplication and division
3.Students will revise working with integers
5. Materials and Aids

IWB, PPT, Mini Whiteboards, Laptops (optional for Mymaths), exercise books.
6. Procedures/Methods-

A. Introduction-

Starter (20 times tables)
Write questions and answers in exercise books. Check answers after completion and record score.
B. Development-

Discuss methods for multiplying and then apply them to two by two digit numbers to check for accuracy. Try a “BIG” one for challenge!
C. Practice-

Practice short division by showing worked examples first. Students then complete 10 questions of their own and check afterwards for accuracy.
D. Independent Practice-

Integers worksheet / textbook questions.
E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Calculators may be used to check answers.
F. Checking for understanding-

Record scores in APP chart.
G. Closure-

1. Online game for speed and accuracy.
2. Books to be handed in, homework on mymaths.
7. Evaluation

1.Students should obtain at least 80% accuracy for all exercises.
2. Students with difficulties should practice on mymaths to obtain a minimum of level 6.

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