Homework: What the Research Says

  1. The Independent’s Richard Garner provides us with a summary and makes some interesting points about the recent research (2004) regarding homework at http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/most-homework-is-not-worth-the-family-rows-it-causes-but-afterhours-clubs-can-help-lift-results-569322.html
  2. For some research-based strategies you might want to visit http://www.netc.org/focus/strategies/home.php
  3. For a full copy of  Sharp, Keys and Benefield’s  “Homework – A review of recent rersearch” commissioned by Ofsted and published in 2001 by the National Foundation for Educational Research, click on this link http://www.nfer.ac.uk/nfer/publications/HWK01/HWK01.pdf
  4. You may also want to have a look at Sara Bennett and Nancy Kalish 2006 book “The Case Against Homework” (see below) if you want an alternative argument to the mainstream beliefs.  You can read about the book here http://boingboing.net/2007/05/27/homework_sucks_the_c.html and find more information at http://stophomework.com/


KS3 Teaching Resources – Cumbria Grid for Learning


Cumbria Grid for Learning shares some very neat printables and OHT slides (in Word and Pdf format) at this address – for example “follow-me cards”, but if you explore the website you’ll find even more useful resources that include numeracy skills, a booklet for oral and mental starters http://numeracy.cumbriagridforlearning.org.uk/getfile.php?src=1047/oral_mental_starters_booklet.pdf and some handy primary printables http://numeracy.cumbriagridforlearning.org.uk/index.php?category_id=57

Fresher Schools – Date on your Interactive Whiteboard


Fresher schools has some superb little tricks and ideas for the world’s interactive whiteboard users.  The date idea is one I really like.  Here is what they have to say about it:

Isn’t it frustrating when you have just delivered a hugely dynamic introduction to your lesson and the children set off to work and then the first question as they open their excerise books is “What’s the date?”

They also have other wonderful tools for classroom management like the 60 Second Countdown, the Random Name Selector and the Who is here Today? PowerPoint slide.

St. Michaels School – maths staff resources


St. Michael’s School Maths website has been under construction, but they have some very useful resources.  When I last visited the website on the 2nd of January 2011, it said

” This website (still under construction) is the work of S Galloway using resources provided by T McCulloch and M Nicholson “

It is going to be interesting to see the newly moved and updated website once all the construction and changes have been completed.  So far, it looks like this:

GCSE Mathematics Revision


Mary Lee – Bryn Alyn High School – Wrexham has come up with this selection of 13 useful PowerPoint presentations that cover the following topics:

  • multiplication (including integers)
  • algebraic expressions
  • Trial and improvement
  • Percentage change
  • Inverse operations
There is also a Word document at the bottom of the page entitled “Teacher Notes”.

Assessment, Assessment, Assessment


When you have Suffolkmaths, Kangaroo Maths, Mark Greenaway and other individuals and schools all involved in producing resources, you can be guaranteed that they are the finest resources that the UK has to offer!  This link will take you to leading edge resources for assessment that include a plethora of spreadsheets, documents and links that will provide you with everything you need for the day those wonderful Ofsted inspectors walk through your door.  Not to mention that they (the resources) will also make your life easier and give you time to actually enjoy teaching while assessing your students with some excellent ready-made tools.  You won’t need to use any other assessment website or resources once you’ve gone through these, so enjoy this one-stop solution and have a celebration afterwards!

Lessons & Resources – Partners for Success at Duke University


Although this website is mainly for primary education, the resources are very practical and teacher-friendly for any mathematics level at school.  Most include a full lesson plan or clear instructions for the games and activities provided.  Where necessary, copies of worksheets are also provided.  The best thing about it is the fun, unique approach to each topic being taught or learnt.