Adrian Bruce’s Maths Stuff

Now this is a website worth visiting if you are a teacher who has good taste and high expectations.  Well done Mr. Bruce! In case you’re wondering, it is a glittering and award-winning website with tons of practical ideas and resources for everyone, not just maths teachers.  I found it while looking for ideas on how to rate and review websites, and of course I wasn’t disappointed.  I am delighted that I stumbled upon this masterpiece of educational creativity, nestled in the virtual universe, just waiting to be discovered.

Ideas for letting students review Maths Websites can be found by clicking on the link below.


Mind Teasers Wallpapers and Backgrounds – Desktop Nexus Abstract

I admit that this is another of my regular plugs for a website that is not directly maths related, but it is simply irresistible when it comes to creativity and visual beauty.  A true mathematician cannot ignore the attraction of symmetry or patterned images that magically mesmerize the mind.  I also think that many students would go silent just at the display of such bedazzling images on an interactive whiteboard!  Enjoy!

Sleeping BeautyMind Chaosillusion 06 - color spiral illusion

Self-study guides and exercises from mathcentre

mathcentre has been set up to deliver mathematics support materials, free of charge, to students, lecturers and everyone looking for post-16 maths help.  The mathcentre team are a group of people who run university mathematics support centres, who teach mathematics, and who design new media products for learning.

mathcentre gives you the opportunity to study important areas of pre-university mathematics, which you may have studied before or may be new to you – the maths you know you will need for your course.

There are a variety of resources – self study guides; test yourself diagnostics and exercises; video tutorials; iPod and 3G mobile phone downloads; and case studies.  Resources are available on-line, and may be printed or downloaded.

Topics from mathcentre.

Resources are licensed under Creative Commons Licence Creative Commons License

Free Online Unit Converter

Free Online Unit Converter.   Quite handy for those inconvenient occasions in class when someone needs a quick,  simple conversion.  It covers mass, area, angle, length, time zone, volume, pressure, temperature and data storage.  I like it because it is clear, has no ads or visual distractions and is perfect for classroom use.

Understanding and Preventing Teacher Burnout


Many teachers find the demands of being a professional educator in today’s schools difficult and at times stressful. When work stress results in teacher burnout, it can have serious consequences for the health and happiness of teachers, and also the students, professionals, and families they interact with on a daily basis.

Burnout results from the chronic perception that one is unable to cope with daily life demands.  Given that teachers must face a classroom full of students every day, negotiate potentially stressful interactions with parents, administrators, counselors, and other teachers, contend with relatively low pay and shrinking school budgets, and ensure students meet increasingly strict standards of accountability, it is no wonder many experience a form of burnout at some point in their careers. Efforts at primary prevention, in which teachers’ jobs are modified to give them more control over their environment and more resources for coping with the demands of being an educator, are preferable over secondary or tertiary interventions that occur after burnout symptoms have surfaced. However, research reviewed here indicates each type of prevention can be useful in helping teachers contend with an occupation that puts them at risk for burnout.

Mrs Pasilla’s Maths resources (link no longer valid, please visit, but be warned, she charges for these presentations).

Mrs Pasilla has kindly loaded many of her classroom resources onto a website.  You will find her PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, tests and hints (most are in pdf format) all ready to download and use in a neatly arranged order.  This talented teacher’s Chapter Study Guides ( in PowerPoint) are to be admired and applauded.  See a sneak preview below.

August 2013 update – she has since moved all of these resources to a commercial website  Math Slideshows where you will have to pay to download these presentations.

Fractions Worksheets

Fraction worksheets that somebody has very kindly uploaded onto for students, teachers and parents to print and use as required.  This neat little worksheet “booklet” covers important skills required for working with fractions, starting with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing and then moving on to things like comparing, equivalence and decimals.  A good way to ensure that your students reach full mastery of these important basic skills.  And yes, it comes with answers included!

Standards Plus Middle School Mathematics Products (samples only)

Take a look at the sample lessons if you want to get an idea of how useful these worksheets are for your class.  The layout and assessment style should already give you a good idea of how well-suited these might be, even if it’s just for ideas if you don’t want to actually buy them.  I like the “one-page” idea as a starter or quick assessment and it wouldn’t take too much effort to apply the excellent standard set out in this product.  Yes it’s not free, but the good ideas are!  If you are teaching in the USA and your school can spend some dough, go for it, this is an excellent resource for busy teachers.

Igniting PASSION in Mathematics – APERA Conference 2008

A very interesting reminder for many of us about why our lessons should continue to be engaging and fun.  This presentation from the APERA Conference in November 2008 focuses mainly on the importance of MI (multiple intelligence) in our lesson planning and delivery.  The MOE Mathematics Framework shown on slide 4 (see below) is of particular interest if you haven’t come across it in the past.

The full presentation can also be downloaded if you have joined the ISSUU website as a member (for free), or you can click here for a standalone version of the presentation

WJEC A-Level Maths resources

A-level and Further maths resources that have been tailored for WJEC students at Hawthorn High School. Have a good look around and scroll down to find plenty of useful links to notes, exam questions and videos that won’t leave you doubting that this is a very useful site to keep on your list of good ones.