3 quick ways to improve your lessons – Awareness, Activity, Acclaim

Although some topics can be fascinating or relevant to everyday life, mathematics lessons don’t always lend themselves to engaging and inspiring activities.  Here are three ideas that I usually consider when I’m not sure how to liven up a lesson that needs some flair:

1.  AWARENESS.  How can I get them thinking about this topic?

Use a short video clip, a picture, a story, a song or an interesting object to capture the interest of students right at the beginning of the lesson.

2.  ACTIVITY.  What will students do during the lesson?

Focus on what you will do to keep the students active.  Let them create a foldable booklet, complete a Tarsia puzzle, use mini-whiteboards or participate in an online quiz that you have created.

3.  ACCLAIM.  What will make them remember this lesson?

Find a way to make the lesson unique, memorable and eventful.  Use a new classroom management technique, focus on one particular word or have a major theme that relates to each aspect of the lesson.

To illustrate the ideas above, here is my plan for a topic that I will be teaching to a Year 7 group.  I have included a downloadable template to make it easier for you to try with your own lesson planning.


3A Example lesson plan – ESTIMATION

3A lesson plan template MrWilliamsMaths


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