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Revisemaths.org.uk – Promising and appealing

This is definitely on my list of websites to watch in the future.  Crisp, clear, appealing presentation and superb videos with a pleasant presenter is enough to make this ideal for use in the classroom.  A must for all maths teachers in the UK with some very useful sections for those in other countries.  I especially like the video on “adding and subtracting negative numbers” (i.e. integers).  You will also find some of the material on Vimeo and Youtube.  Brilliant! Another fresh, promising addition to the family of excellent websites for mathematics teachers.  Thanks guys, whoever you are, I love your website!

WisWeb applets – still great for classroom use

UPDATE: March 2016 – if you are struggling to get the WISWEB applets to work, if you use FIREFOX as your browser they will work.  Not sure why this is happening, but a clever colleague in our maths department came up with the solution for now, so I installed FIREFOX and it worked!  Here’s a link of you need FIREFOX: https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/new/ 








WisWeb applets.