How the OFSTED judges describe an outstanding mathematics lesson in the UK

Ofsted Criteria for Outstanding…  
1.  Much of the teaching in all key stages is outstanding and never less than consistently good. As a result, almost all pupils, including disabled pupils, those with special educational needs and those for whom the Pupil Premium provides support, are making rapid and sustained progress.
2.  All teachers have consistently high expectations of all pupils. They plan and teach lessons that enable pupils to learn exceptionally well across the curriculum.
3.  Teachers systematically and effectively check pupils’ understanding throughout lessons, anticipating where they may need to intervene and doing so with notable impact on the quality of learning.
4.  The teaching of reading, writing, communication and mathematics is highly effective and cohesively planned and implemented across the curriculum.
5.  Teachers and other adults generate high levels of engagement and commitment to learning.
6.  Consistently high-quality marking and constructive feedback from teachers ensure that pupils make rapid gains.
7.  Teachers use well-judged and often inspirational teaching strategies, including setting appropriate homework, which together with sharply focused and timely support and intervention, match individual needs accurately. Consequently, pupils learn exceptionally well.

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