Top 10 strategies for Achievement in Mathematics (Educators Resource Guide – Alaska)

Research-based Top Ten Strategies for Mathematics Achievement


Research findings indicate that certain teaching strategies and methods are worth careful consideration as teachers strive to improve their mathematics teaching practices. The following ten instructional practices are from “Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics: Part 1: Research Findings”, by Douglas A. Grouws & Kristin J. Cebulla; December 2000 (Updated January 2002). Published by ERIC

  1. Opportunity to Learn
  2. Focus on Meaning
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Opportunities for Invention and Practice
  5. Openness to Student Solutions and Student Interactions
  6. Small Group Learning
  7. Whole-Class Discussion
  8. Focus on Number Sense
  9. Use Concrete Materials
  10. Use Calculators

The full research article is at

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