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The World Cup – A selection of the best resources for your classroom

1.  OXFAM has kindly provided a very interesting and thought-provoking set of activities and resources for use in different subjects.  The tasks for mathematics include fractions, probability, percentages and ratios as students compare different countries.

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The World Cup | Oxfam Education.

2.  Eye-catching and fun-filled activities from dooranran on the TES website.

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3.  A Simulation activity that seems somewhat complicated, but looks like it will be worth the effort and certainly engaging for students as they throw the dice to obtain different outcomes.  Below is the video introduction and explanation, but the documents are available at http://www.tes.co.uk/ResourceDetail.aspx?storyCode=6424677 


4.  Free wall charts and posters for your classroom wall

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5. Brazil: A World Cup of Firsts (INFOGRAPHIC)



Excellent variety of activities for enrichment and end-of-year Maths from Teacher Resources on Line – trol

Still one of my favourite websites from the very generous www.cleavebooks.co.uk .  Excellent in every aspect, a collection of superb activities, games, questions, tasks and ideas.  Click on any of the examples below to visit the full list of links and resourcesTROL 1 TROL 2 TROL 3 TROL 4 TROL 5 TROL 6


Teacher Resources on Line – trol.

Don’t bother with this website! Millionaire for Schools. Create Engaging Teaching Resources / or NOT!


I tried this game with my students and they loved it, so I decided to call the organisation in order to make the purchase.  Sadly, they informed me that they were “no longer investing in it” and so I was left a little confused as to why the website is still running and advertised!

Just as a warning, don’t waste your time or get your hopes up, it is no longer available.









Create Engaging Teaching Resources.