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Lucky me, today I started moving into my brand new classroom in a brand new building! The students had their last day yesterday and staff are working until Friday before going on summer break.  It’s a teacher’s dream to have a beautiful, clean, state-of-the-art classroom.  Finally I have had my dream come true.  Just looking at the picture below gives me the same feeling I have when I walk into my new classroom.  I will post in September for you to see, but before you get too envious, I can assure you that it comes with great responsibility!  Choosing just the right posters and displays, organising the shiny new trapezoidal desks into the best little arrangement of clusters, deciding exactly which shelf gets to support treasured books, selecting the perfect teacher tools to have on the sparkling, clutter-free teacher’s desk, and of course, the ultimate choice, making positive and effective decisions about how things will be when the students arrive back at school in September.  In the meantime, read through some of these interesting ideas from Edutopia about transforming your own classroom.

I hope that you will visit my blog regularly over the summer as I am planning to share and organise plenty more new ideas and resources especially for teachers in the UK, USA or any international schools around the world.  Thank-you for all your support and comments over the past academic year.  It has been such a pleasure to see how the number of visitors is increasing every month.  Please leave comments or feel free to send me your ideas if you would like me to share them on this blog.   Enjoy the summer break, hard working teachers of the world!  MrWilliamsMaths.

Click on the picture to visit the Edutopia website packed with creative ideas and suggestions.


Five-Minute Film Festival: Classroom Makeovers to Engage Learners | Edutopia.

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