Maths Genie – Resources – Predicted GCSE Revision Papers

Maths Genie – Resources – Predicted GCSE Revision Papers.


Viète’s formula – a fun calculator investigation (and an interesting discovery!)

Here’s an interesting calculator activity: See how the answer gets closer to pi as you add an extra term to the product each time.  I have just tried this on my scientific calculator and it will only allow me to go as far as the fifth term, so it would make a perfect quick investigative activity for any lesson.

Viète’s formula

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GCSE New Content

Thanks Colleen, this will certainly help us understand and implement the new curriculum.

Mathematics, Learning and Technology

Reading various documents on the new GCSE specifications I thought it would be useful to create a simple summary of new content. (This will be updated with additional information and resources in the coming weeks). Note that I have very recently updated (May 2015) the post on Venn Diagrams which includes several resources for teaching this new topic; currently I have added a link to Brilliant for combinatorics problems, Trigonometry demonstrations,  Nrich and TES resources for Frequency Trees and Desmos graph pages for inequalities including quadratic, circles and tangents to curves. See each section below.

Ratio proportion and rates of change
Geometry and Measures

Structure and Calculation
5. apply systematic listing strategies including use of the product rule for counting

Resources:Combinatorics on Brilliant (create a free account to view)

Measures and Accuracy
15. round numbers and measures to an appropriate degree of accuracy…

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