8 essential actions for our school leaders – Leadership Is Key to Positive Schools 

Have a look at this interesting article that caught my eye this month.  I have included a copy of the 8 points that Sackstein recommends for leaders who want to create positive schools.  These are by far the best guiding principles I have ever found for managers and leaders in education.  Get your green pen out and participate in a valuable reflection activity (aka DIRT time) by rating your school leaders from 1 – 4 on each idea to see if they need more CPD sessions.  Let’s encourage our school leaders to adopt a growth mindset and become outstanding by following these important non-negotiable rules.   As a teacher, I often think that we should also be giving our managers and leaders feedback on how they are doing, but it seems that the current system is mostly focused on telling teachers what to do to make schools better.  

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 21.17.58


Leadership is essential to success.

Relationships and empowerment go a long way to investment, and a happy school community is one that is willing to innovate.

Source: Leadership Is Key to Positive Schools – Work in Progress – Education Week Teacher


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