Mathematical Advent Calendars

Thanks to Colleen Young. Her blog posts are always so useful and helpful to teachers who are working hard every day. Here’s another brilliant resource to start using for December.

Mathematics, Learning and Technology

It’s that time of year again…!

Nrich Advent Calendars Nrich Advent Calendars

December means Advent Calendars and Nrich have published two Advent Calendars, one for Primary and one for Secondary each containing twenty-four problem-solving activities, one for each day in the run-up to Christmas. The primary Calendar tasks focus on encouraging mathematical habits of mind and the Secondary tasks have been chosen to encourage mathematical creativity.

You can in fact find a whole collection of advent calendars on Nrich and clearly the year doesn’t matter! Note the different themes available – a Sudoku for each day perhaps? Or a tangram? Maybe you want to play a game? 

Advent calendar Alex Pett Advent Calendar by Alex Pett

Alex Pett created his advent calendar complete with history and problems for each day. Alex has provided a pdf version or use as aGoogle document. For an Activeinspire resource this version also has sound.

revision-calendarAlternatively how about this

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2 comments on “Mathematical Advent Calendars

    • You are very welcome. I always love your posts and appreciate the time and effort you put into helping us all in our classrooms. Your hard work and attention to detail has helped me so much in my role as a teacher. Sometimes I have been able to save hours of hard work by simply finding something on your blog. You are an inspiration to many, so the least we can do is thank you. I look forward to many more wonderful posts.

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