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Mathematical Advent Calendars

Thanks to Colleen Young. Her blog posts are always so useful and helpful to teachers who are working hard every day. Here’s another brilliant resource to start using for December.

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It’s that time of year again…!

Nrich Advent Calendars Nrich Advent Calendars

December means Advent Calendars and Nrich have published two Advent Calendars, one for Primary and one for Secondary each containing twenty-four problem-solving activities, one for each day in the run-up to Christmas. The primary Calendar tasks focus on encouraging mathematical habits of mind and the Secondary tasks have been chosen to encourage mathematical creativity.

You can in fact find a whole collection of advent calendars on Nrich and clearly the year doesn’t matter! Note the different themes available – a Sudoku for each day perhaps? Or a tangram? Maybe you want to play a game? 

Advent calendar Alex Pett Advent Calendar by Alex Pett

Alex Pett created his advent calendar complete with history and problems for each day. Alex has provided a pdf version or use as aGoogle document. For an Activeinspire resource this version also has sound.

revision-calendarAlternatively how about this

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Six Qualities of Successful Teachers

Successful teachers share these 6 key traits. Cultivate these attributes in yourself to maximize your effectiveness in the classroom.

1. Successful teachers hold high expectations

2. They think creatively

3. Top teachers are versatile and sensitive

4. They are curious, confident, and evolving

5. They are imperfectly human

6. Successful teachers emphasize the fun in learning and in life

Source: Six Qualities of Successful Teachers

What makes great teaching? A fascinating and eye-opening research report from the Sutton Trust.

Read / download the full report at : Sutton Trust – What makes great teaching?


This report reviews over 200 pieces of research to identify the elements of teaching with the strongest evidence of improving attainment. It finds some common practices can be harmful to learning and have no grounding in research. Specific practices which are supported by good evidence of their effectiveness are also examined and six key factors that contribute to great teaching are identified. The report also analyses different methods of evaluating teaching including: using ‘value-added’ results from student test scores; observing classroom teaching; and getting students to rate the quality of their teaching.

Source: Sutton Trust – What makes great teaching?

Key findings

The two factors with the strongest evidence of improving pupil attainment are:

  • teachers’ content knowledge, including their ability to understand how students think about a subject and identify common misconceptions
  • quality of instruction, which includes using strategies like effective questioning and the use of assessment

Specific practices which have good evidence of improving attainment include:

  • challenging students to identify the reason why an activity is taking place in the lesson
  • asking a large number of questions and checking the responses of all students
  • spacing-out study or practice on a given topic, with gaps in between for forgetting
  • making students take tests or generate answers, even before they have been taught the material

Common practices which are not supported by evidence include:

  • using praise lavishly
  • allowing learners to discover key ideas by themselves
  • grouping students by ability
  • presenting information to students based on their “preferred learning style”


sky great teaching


The report has been read by over 45,000 people on this page, and attracted considerable media coverage. You can read much of the coverage on the right hand side of this page.

Source: Sutton Trust – What makes great teaching?

THE NEED FOR A STRONG EVIDENCE BASE FOR TEACHING, SCHOOL LEADERSHIP AND EDUCATIONAL CHANGE Research ED Conference Sydney 21 st February 2015 Professor. – ppt download

Some very interesting points are made in this presentation.  It is definitely worth going through for finding relevant information. Here’s an example of something fascinating (See also Daisy Christodoulou’s ResearchEd Talk “Life Beyond Levels” at this link https://mrwilliamsmaths.wordpress.com/2015/12/30/10-interesting-videos-that-you-should-watch-before-going-back-to-school-in-2016/):


Source: THE NEED FOR A STRONG EVIDENCE BASE FOR TEACHING, SCHOOL LEADERSHIP AND EDUCATIONAL CHANGE Research ED Conference Sydney 21 st February 2015 Professor. – ppt download

3 Reasons We May Never Be Like Finland

We know that Finland is great when it comes to education, and we want to be more like them, but there are at least three reasons why we may never get there.

Source: 3 Reasons We May Never Be Like Finland


The words that stood out the most:

“We shame and blame when they seem to foster growth and stay positive.”


9 Famous Success through Failure Stories [Infographic] – Self Development Journey

Too many people too often have great ideas which remain just ideas because their creators were terrified to try. What if I fail? What if everyone thinks I’m a fool? What if I invest money and time in my idea and end up with nothing but frustration? And loads of other What if’s that will …

Source: 9 Famous Success through Failure Stories [Infographic] – Self Development Journey

Predicted Papers for Edexcel Paper 2 GCSE Maths June 2016

GCSE MATHS REVISION – Collection of Predicted Papers for Paper 2 June 2016

Justmaths http://justmaths.co.uk/2016/05/27/june-2016-best-guess-paper-2/

MathsGenie http://www.mathsgenie.co.uk/resources.html

Miss B’s Resources – https://www.missbsresources.com/maths-resources/gcse-papers 

OnMathshttp://onmaths.com/mock_exams/edexcel-2016-paper-2-prediction-a/ and Video walkthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiKXWOS68Qw&feature=youtu.be

PIXL – http://epschool.org/maths-predicted-paper-2-personalised-half-term-revision-maths-success/ 

Corbett Maths Paper and Topic Listhttps://corbettmaths.com/2016/05/27/paper-2-predicted-papers/


Revision list for Edexcel Higher Paper 2 – 9th June 2016

A very helpful list of topics to revise for paper 2.

Thoughts and ideas from a maths teacher

Right, so after a pretty good set of papers for today (we use 1MAO H and F as well as KMAO foundation) my immediate thoughts have turned to what they need to revise next week.

My gut feel – virtually no handling data so am expecting a fair amount on paper 2. Good amount of solving equations but no quadratics. No straight line graphs, although was embedded in a quadratic graph question which was tricky.  No best buys or bills calculations, so all of these are on the list.  I’ve tried to add more detail than just a topic to give you a really good idea about what you might need to do.

Thank you to all those on twitter that I follow who are doing the same as I have referred to some of your lists when doing my own (@justmaths in particular).

Using a calculator – make sure you show some…

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