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Source: MEDIAN Don Steward secondary maths teaching: graph transforms


Quadratic Graphs – A3 poster summary guide

This is an A3 poster that I made for my students to assist them with seeing the bigger picture when working with Quadratic Functions.  They used it in class to guide them and also added their own notes and sketches.  Please feel free to download the PDF version (Quadratic Functions A3) in order to recreate or use it in your own classroom.  I will try to upload a better quality version when I have a chance!

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White Group A level and Advanced Maths Topics (Singapore)

Mr Koh is a teacher who specializes in teaching Cambridge A level H2 maths and CIE 9231 Further Maths in Singapore.  

He has specifically created 2 free question/answer resource portals on his site to help students.  These are “The Question Locker” and “Beyond H2 Maths”( the majority of the content caters for early college maths) The site’s URL is I have included a sample of binomial expansion below.

Self-study guides and exercises from mathcentre

mathcentre has been set up to deliver mathematics support materials, free of charge, to students, lecturers and everyone looking for post-16 maths help.  The mathcentre team are a group of people who run university mathematics support centres, who teach mathematics, and who design new media products for learning.

mathcentre gives you the opportunity to study important areas of pre-university mathematics, which you may have studied before or may be new to you – the maths you know you will need for your course.

There are a variety of resources – self study guides; test yourself diagnostics and exercises; video tutorials; iPod and 3G mobile phone downloads; and case studies.  Resources are available on-line, and may be printed or downloaded.

Topics from mathcentre.

Resources are licensed under Creative Commons Licence Creative Commons License

WJEC A-Level Maths resources

A-level and Further maths resources that have been tailored for WJEC students at Hawthorn High School. Have a good look around and scroll down to find plenty of useful links to notes, exam questions and videos that won’t leave you doubting that this is a very useful site to keep on your list of good ones.

Assessment, Assessment, Assessment

When you have Suffolkmaths, Kangaroo Maths, Mark Greenaway and other individuals and schools all involved in producing resources, you can be guaranteed that they are the finest resources that the UK has to offer!  This link will take you to leading edge resources for assessment that include a plethora of spreadsheets, documents and links that will provide you with everything you need for the day those wonderful Ofsted inspectors walk through your door.  Not to mention that they (the resources) will also make your life easier and give you time to actually enjoy teaching while assessing your students with some excellent ready-made tools.  You won’t need to use any other assessment website or resources once you’ve gone through these, so enjoy this one-stop solution and have a celebration afterwards!