Quadratic Graphs – A3 poster summary guide

This is an A3 poster that I made for my students to assist them with seeing the bigger picture when working with Quadratic Functions.  They used it in class to guide them and also added their own notes and sketches.  Please feel free to download the PDF version (Quadratic Functions A3) in order to recreate or use it in your own classroom.  I will try to upload a better quality version when I have a chance!

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 07.42.09

Excellent variety of activities for enrichment and end-of-year Maths from Teacher Resources on Line – trol

Still one of my favourite websites from the very generous www.cleavebooks.co.uk .  Excellent in every aspect, a collection of superb activities, games, questions, tasks and ideas.  Click on any of the examples below to visit the full list of links and resourcesTROL 1 TROL 2 TROL 3 TROL 4 TROL 5 TROL 6


Teacher Resources on Line – trol.

Free Printable template for Graph Sketching

I made this a while back, but every year I have to look all over for it!  So here it is for everyone to share.  It’s useful for getting students to see the link between a sequence, an equation, the table of values/co-ordinates and the graph of linear and quadratic functions.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 18.42.15

Equation Table Graph (download the powerpoint file 2.5MB and feel free to edit or adapt it for your own classes)

Cazoom Maths Worksheets and Blog


 I’ve just signed up for this and it’s definitely value for money!  For only £2.99 your get unlimited worksheet downloads for 6 months.  If you want to just try a few of them, you can sign up for free and download some to try before you buy (which is what I did).  They are crisp, clear and clever worksheets that I’ve already tried in my classroom with students who need that extra bit of practice or homework.

The site also has a promising blog that features some interesting posts like

Top Ten Tips for Behaviour Management


What is Differentiation and Why is it Important?

Have a look at if you’re a UK maths teacher,  I think you’ll like it.


Blog | Cazoom Maths Worksheets.

The 5 Minute ‘Oops’-based Lesson Plan and some maths versions

The 5 Minute ‘Oops’-based Lesson Plan | Blog | Sparky Teaching.Sparky teaching have an interesting post about Ross Morrison McGill’s (TeacherToolkit) 5 minute lesson plan.  Ross has more information, templates and documents on the TES website at http://www.tes.co.uk/ResourceDetail.aspx?storyCode=6170564 if you want to investigate further.   It as a very popular and helpful resource.  In his own words “Designed to reduce planning time & focus on key learning phases within a lesson”.

A maths version (from Emily Hughes) can be found here http://ilovemathsgames.wordpress.com/2013/03/16/the-5-minute-maths-plan/ and another version from Colleen Young (see picture below) can be found at http://colleenyoung.wordpress.com/2013/10/27/lesson-planning-again/ .

Math Worksheets | Free Printable Math Worksheets

I recently used the worksheets for transformations (see here ) and they were excellent.  The students really enjoyed doing them and there were plenty of different ones to choose from, so you will be able to differentiate effectively for all of your students.

Math Worksheets | Free Printable Math Worksheets.

Self-Assessment for each test (with a bar chart to show progress in each area)

This is an A5 form that I attach to each test for each student.   It helps students analyse and display each section of the test so that they can easily see where they did well and what still needs extra practice.  It is originally a PowerPoint file to allow for editing depending on the class, year or subject.  Please feel free to adapt it to your specific requirements.   It also explains how to work out percentage on the back and it allows the students to record the grade boundaries for the test for both KS3 and GCSE.Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 14.45.32

Self Assessment form for each test